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Spellfire “Good vs Evil” Set

Step into the mythical battlefield with the Spellfire Introductory Dual Deck Package, themed “Good versus Evil”. This starter set includes two carefully crafted decks of 25 cards each, offering an immediate duel experience for newcomers eager to explore the enchanting world of Spellfire.

Included in the set:

• 2x 25-Card Introductory Gameplay Decks

• 3x Prime Edition Booster Packs

• Deckbuilding & Gameplay Rules

Each deck includes a Rare Prime Edition card. An exclusive Super Rare Warrior Wasp can also be found in the “Good” starter deck.

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Experience a two-player dual experience straight out of the box. It’s the perfect entry point for aspiring spellcasters ready to embrace their destiny.

Your journey through enchanted realms and epic battles begins with a choice – will you master the Good, or wield the power of Evil?

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About spellfire

Spellfire is a collectible card game that transcends time, unifying the past, present and future. Get physical cards and play, trade, collect.

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