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Spellfire Playmat

Channel the magic of Spellfire with the premium Spellfire Playmat. Designed for both the seasoned sorcerer and the budding mage, this playmat enhances your Spellfire experience by blending functionality with the ethereal beauty of the game.

Thoughtfully crafted card placement zones guide your game, ensuring precision and clarity during heated duels. Each section is clearly demarcated, assisting players in strategic card placement and game flow.

Made from a high-grade material, the playmat boasts a smooth surface for seamless card handling and a non-slip base to keep your game grounded.

Its cushioned design not only provides a comfortable playing surface but also ensures the longevity of your treasured Spellfire cards by protecting them from scratches and wear.

Two playmats joined together form the perfect battle area for you and your opponent. Order now and re-master the magic!

Limited edition. Secure yours now.

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About spellfire

Spellfire is a collectible card game that transcends time, unifying the past, present and future. Get physical cards and play, trade, collect.

Properties Explained

Rarity – The scale indicating the degree of scarcity of a card, with various tiers from common to legendary.

Elements – Fire, earth, ether artwork representing the respective element.

Limited – The merchant has a restricted quantity of products.

Pre-order – Availability only after a specified time.