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Spellfire Snapback

Adorn your crown with the Official Spellfire Snapback — where magic is woven, and legends are born. Secure yours and step into a realm unseen, wielding style and mystery with equal grace.

Designed for the true aficionados of magic and mythical adventures, this cap embodies the enchanting essence of the Spellfire.

Constructed with premium fabrics, this cap doesn’t merely wear; it embraces, providing comfort while standing resilient against the sands of time.

With a classic snapback closure, it promises a snug fit for wizards and warriors of all ages.

Limited edition. Secure yours now.

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About spellfire

Spellfire is a collectible card game that transcends time, unifying the past, present and future. Get physical cards and play, trade, collect.

Properties Explained

Rarity – The scale indicating the degree of scarcity of a card, with various tiers from common to legendary.

Elements – Fire, earth, ether artwork representing the respective element.

Limited – The merchant has a restricted quantity of products.

Pre-order – Availability only after a specified time.