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Spellfire Super Rare Booster

A Super Rare Spellfire Booster Pack is a special package filled with random cards that holds a high probability of containing Super Rare cards. These boosters are a rich source of powerful additions that can significantly strengthen and diversify your deck, providing an exciting thrill for collectors and players alike.

Five cards inside. Guaranteed Super Rare card inside, with a chance for Epic and Legendary cards.

Empower your deck with the cards that you find in these boosters. The magic awaits!

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About spellfire

Spellfire is a collectible card game that transcends time, unifying the past, present and future. Get physical cards and play, trade, collect.

Properties Explained

Rarity – The scale indicating the degree of scarcity of a card, with various tiers from common to legendary.

Elements – Fire, earth, ether artwork representing the respective element.

Limited – The merchant has a restricted quantity of products.

Pre-order – Availability only after a specified time.